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Climate and Weather on Madeira Island

The Archilepago of Madeira is located 32°22.3′N 16°16.5′W and 33°7.8′N 17°16.65′W atop a massive shield volcano that rises 6 km from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. This geo location in the center of the Gulf stream is highly influential to the weather on the island maintaining warm temperatures throught the year, averaging between 18-24°C/64-75°F and sea temperatures between 17-26°C/63-79°F.
The volcanic origins of the island created a steep and dramatic terrain with a central mountain range which protects the south side of the island from the atlantic winds. The lush vegetation throughout the island flourishes, on the north coast where rainfall in double that of the south, and home to the UNESCO world heritage laurisilva forests.
Microclimates reign everywhere on the island and can change rapidly, the average weather/climate is deemed temperate or sub-tropical. The south coast is on average sunnier than the north, however the opposite can also happen. On overcast days, cloud cover often sits at the 600 to 700 meter level, but rising above these clouds you will find beautiful weather floating on an endless blanket of cloud. The north coast often cooler, enjoy watching clouds coming over the encumeada pass or sitting on the north slopes, trully a spectacle to see. Just because you find yourself with some rain or cloud, more often than not if you head up to the mountains, down to the sea or towards the west, the clouds will break and you can enjoy some radiant weather. The same goes if you have had enough of the heat and humidity, enjoy a cool levada walk through the Laurisilva forests.
Quinta das Colmeias is located at 600m on a plateu above e Machico and Santa Cruz on the South East coast. A real microclimate, the weather at Santo da Serra can be hot especially in the summer, the cooler climate is often a blessing especially when the humidity level rises, Santo da Serra is renowned for its clear, fresh countryside air.
Whatever the weather you will always be comfortable at Quinta das Colmeias with central heating and fireplaces in both houses for cooler days and the pool to cool off during the hot summers.


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